Important Facts about E-Liquids That Every Vapers Should Know

Important Facts about E-Liquids That Every Vapers Should Know

jerfgueThere are wide ranges of flavors available for the vapers in order to suit their taste buds and preferences. It can range from coffee to cigar flavor or from sweet to sugary flavor. It is always important to try out an e-liquid flavor based on one’s taste bud.  It is always better to try out the trial packs or small sized bottles of cheap e juice flavors from different vendors for checking which flavor suits you best.

While mixing flavors can help to get a new taste, but some other points also need to be considered.

  1. The foremost important thing related to an e-juice is steeping. It is the aging the e-juice by placing the bottle of the-juice in a dark and cool place. This helps in achieving the desired flavors from the e-juice.
  2. The e-juices also need to be shaken up properly before it can be used. This is usually done in order to distribute the flavors evenly throughout the liquid. Not only that, it can also help in getting flavorsome smoke.
  3. All e-juices contain flavoring agent, nicotine, a base of pg/vg, and water.  Doing a little bit of research will let you see that most of the cheap e-juice are PG based.  But in case a customer wants to get the best e-juice experience mixing the PG/VG in the ratio 50:50 is important. It can help the beginner vapers to get the perfect smoke without any burnt taste.
  4. The vaping community often agrees to the point that the darker colored e-juices tend to clog up the atomizers or it can even leave a residue. This can make the device less effective. Hence, it is very important to clean the e-cigarettes at regular intervals so that the device does not get sticky or blocked up with the residue.

Whatever type of e-liquid you choose it is important to steep them and also clean the device properly.

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