Say No More To Stubborn Ink Stains On Clothes

Say No More To Stubborn Ink Stains On Clothes

In our day-to-day lives, it is very common to get stains on our clothes. May it be of food, ink, dust, rust or anything- a stain is never cool. It is a great struggle to get rid of ink out of clothes and the process it too tedious. It is also a stressful condition where you cannot afford to throw the dress away, especially when it is your favorite. No washing or no detergent can effectively get rid of those ink stains. A stain removal process should be such that it should seem like it never happened.

There may be a lot of procedures to remove stain out of clothes, but here are a few methods to effectively remove the stubborn ink stains from clothes, that too using some easily available ingredients like milk, salt, hair spray, cream of tartar and rubbing alcohol. Here are a few effective methods to get rid of those bad ink stains from the clothes using:

Milk: This item from your kitchen can remove the ink stains better than any other advanced detergents. The stained cloth is soaked in a bowl of whole milk overnight and washed the next day to get rid of the stain. The effect can be better achieved with the use of white vinegar with milk.

Salt: Fresh or still wet ink stains are best removed with the help of salt. Salt is covered over the wet stain and bloated with a damp paper towel. The salt is later brushed away and washed as usual.

Hair Spray: Aerosol hairspray is applied on the stain to wet it. It is then bloated with a paper towel and washed.

Cream of Tartar: Cream of tartar in combination with equal amount of lemon juice is made a paste and applied over the ink-stained area and kept aside for 3 hours. The dry paste is brushed off and the cloth is washed.

Rubbing alcohol: A towel or rag is wetted with rubbing alcohol and is used to bloat the ink-stained area. The stained area is thoroughly saturated with alcohol and is washed to remove the stain.

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